“I feel in colour….

My ire is a flaming, pulsating red- shifting between dark and light, My reminiscence gold- like the first rays of dawn that wash over all things living…

When I am melancholy, I am blue. Not cerulean like the sky, but indigo like the depths of the unplumbed ocean. My pensiveness rose- the blush of the palest pink flower. My desire is a deep, inky purple that sinks the eye into its velvety depths. My joy is a yellow sunburst after a cloudy day. My laughter is silvery like the thousand bells on anklets…

My tranquility is an endless soft green grassland crushed under running feet, My gloom is the multifaceted grey of river pebbles darkened by the falling rain…

When the weight of the world is on me, I am brown- like the earth, as I remember whence I came from and ground myself. When I am lonesome, I am the watery blue-green of fish scale…

When I am with company, I am an orangey apricot like the hearth on a stormy night…

When I am in reflection- contemplating the great dance of the universe and its endless swirling patterns, I am colourless, ephemeral like the limitless akasha…Such days are few.
For others, there is Varnanggall….”

Lavanyaaa KR
Creative Director/Artist

Our Work: Artisanal Clothing & Home Decor : Culture/ History/ Labor/ Art & Craft/ Masterpiece.

We live in a country where one’s choice of apparel goes far beyond prevalent trends or self-expression.
For most women, their attire reflects not only their desired persona, but is also an artform- a self-expression steeped in traditions carried down from mother to daughter, tweaked a bit with her personal touch and accessorized with a modern interpretation of an ancient culture.

Our Signature Pattern


Lambani Hand Embroidery


Srikalahasthi Kalamkari Hand Painting


Our Signature Khana work


Our Signature Design

Clothing traditions in India have always been open to reinvention & reinterpretations- culturally we have a large repertoire of motifs, colours and weaves to arrange and rearrange in countless ways, to combine and deconstruct- to really play with their derivative forms to create garments that are imbued with meaning and history. Each piece should tell a story of the various hands it crossed before it touched those of the consumer- from the weavers, the dyers, the embroiderers, the seamstresses… each artisan has a significant role to play in the life of a garment and each blesses it with their hard labor to ensure that it is special.


Kundan Hand Embroidery

Natural fibres have always been the cornerstone of most longstanding fabric and textile traditions in our country- we take care to use mostly natural fabric in our work- pure silk, cotton, malmal, khadi- unless specifically requested otherwise. Similarly, natural and vegetable dyes take precedence over artificial colors and printing- these traditional practices like ajrakh & kalamkari involve a multi part process that takes weeks to do from start to finish. We have a long colorful tradition of particular motifs that have been passed down from generation to generation that embellish our clothing and give it meaning. For instance, the lotus flower is a popular icon in our mythology that has a long standing history in weaves as well as printing.
Its attractive shape and symbolical importance imbibes our garments with meaning and positive energy. Our hand embroideries and bead work that are done by a lineage of gifted craftsmen that have carried down these decorative traditions for generations. We embellish our garments with several decorative arts- from zardozi, dabka & kundan work, ribbon work, temple borders and fast disappearing traditional embroideries of the lambani & kutchi nomads. We also play a part in reviving lost weaving traditions like the khana fabric and handloom silk cotton fabric by integrating it into our compositions and increasing the awareness as well as creating employment in rural Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh respectively.

We make an effort to create each garment with care- hand stitched, hand embroidered and using colors, motifs, symbolism and patterns that are not repeated. We make sure each composition is unique and special- a veritable masterpiece of the combined labors of our artisans & a montage of the cultural traditions of our country.

Our Artists

Our unsung heroes of Kalamkari, Lambani, Ilkal and the weavers of Andhra Pradesh. There is sense of solitude without these precious people; now they have become a part of our family and so have they accepted us into theirs. The proceeds of the business are utilized to produce various unique creations back to the customers and also some portion to the artists that definitely adds a chuckle on their face

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